haako is a small software development agency, with a team of three, founded in 2016. Previously, haako has developed an asthma tracking app for research purposes. Now, it focuses on developing an app, “Breathe”, for parents of children with asthma.

The goal of the “Breathe” app is to make sure that parents get immediate feedback on their children’s health condition along with personalised recommendations on dealing with asthma. This novel app will help parents to make informed care decisions, achieve better patient outcomes, and reduce the stress for treating their children.

Realising how essential cybersecurity is for an app dealing with children’s health data, and the multiple future projects haako has in mind, the founder of haako Moritz Dietsche was excited to join the GEIGER team as soon as the project kicked off.

As software engineers, we are well aware of many threats arising from the software we develop. But being a startup with limited resources, we can't spend an awful lot of time evaluating all the tools we need to use. GEIGER could be a perfect solution to reassess our risks continuously as we are introducing new tools.

Other startups in software development struggle with the same dilemma. To keep the business competitive, the software that is being built gets the priority – all efforts are devoted to it. Most of the time, there’s little resources left for assessing the cyber risks associated with the normal operations. However, neglecting this critical area could have devastating consequences to the future of the startup.

A cybersecurity solution that is effortless to use and affordable to get started with is sorely needed, even among digital businesses with advanced tech skills. We believe that GEIGER has the potential to be this solution.

Moritz Dietsche, Founder of haako