GEIGER is an innovation project that aims to develop a solution that allows small businesses to become aware of their risks related to cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy, and get help in reducing these risks.

The project collaborates with security specialists, cyber ranges, and national cybersecurity centres to develop GEIGER, a “Geiger counter” for cybersecurity, which will help small businesses to become aware of cyber threats. A small business can use GEIGER on the web or the smartphone, and it dynamically shows the level of current risks for the company. Seeing high risk allows the user to react immediately and to take simple measures or get help in lowering the risk exposure significantly.

To assist the businesses that seek protection, GEIGER aims at building an ecosystem of competent individuals and organisations that offer help. GEIGER collaborates with schools and partners to develop a standardised learning programme, the “Cyber Security Defenders.” The project pilots the programme in Switzerland with the BBB vocational school and the association of small and medium-sized enterprises SKV, in the Netherlands with the accountants’ association SRA, and in Romania with the startup and innovation hub CLUJ IT. After completing the training, the Educated/Certified Security Defenders will be acting as “ambassadors” who will pass on their knowledge to the small businesses with whom they work.

Programme: EU Horizon 2020 SU-DS03
Duration: June 2020 - November 2022

More about GEIGER: You can find detailed introduction and information materials about GEIGER here.